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Board Of Health

District Health Department #10 is governed by a Board of Health which is responsible for reviewing agency efforts and setting policy. The Board is comprised of two county commissioners from each of the ten counties making up the jurisdiction. The Board of Health is responsible for assuring the Health Officer and Medical Director are in compliance with PA 368 Public Health Code requirements and that the Michigan Department of Community Health has approved both positions.

For more information regarding DHD#10’s Board of Health contact:
Jane Drake, MLIR
Administrative Support Supervisor
Office: 231-355-7533

Please find all related documents to District Health Department #10 Board of Health members, committees, and meeting dates.

2018 Board of Health: Officers, Members, Alternates and Committees

2018 Board of Health Meeting Dates

Meeting Minutes 

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Additional Documents

Board of Health Bylaws

Michigan’s Guide to Public Health for Local Governing Entities

Six Functions of Public Health Governance