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Medical Director Recommendations

Each month DHD#10’s Medical Director Jennifer Morse, MD provides information on an emerging public health topic to DHD10’s Board of Health.

2017 Recommendations

November 2017 – Pertussis

October 2017 – Harm Reduction

September 2017 – Mold

August 2017 – Head Injuries and Concussions

July 2017 – Mumps

June 2017 – Legionnaire’s Disease and Ebola Update

May 2017 – Ticks and Tick-Borne Illness

April 2017 – Mosquitos and Health

March 2017– Influenza: How Well Does the Vaccine Work and Why Don’t More People Get It?

February 2017– Vapor Intrusion

January 2017– Evidence-Based Public Health Practice


2016 Recommendations

January 2016– Evolving Impact of the Repeal of the Michigan Helmet Law

February 2016– Overview of Lead and Lead Poisoning

March 2016– Family Planning

April 2016– Hepatitis C Screening, Treatment, and Prevention

May 2016– Antibiotic Overuse

June 2016– Methamphetamines

July 2016– Dangers of Summer Heat: Excessive Heat Events

August 2016– Swine Flu (Influenza A/H3N2v)

September 2016– National Food Safety Education Month & National Preparedness Month & World Rabies Day

October 2016– Mental Illness Awareness

November 2016– Hepatitis A

December 2016– Norovirus

2015 Recommendations

July 2015– Haemophilus influenza Type b (Hib) Meningitis & Animal Bites

August 2015– Tobacco 21 & E-Cigarettes

September 2015– Improving Nutrition in School

October 2015– Decriminalization of Recreational Marijuana/Public Health Considerations

November 2015– Prescription Drug & Opioid Task Force Recommendations

December 2015– Update on Adult Vaccinations