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Environmental Health Forms

Click on the forms below to view and download for submission to your local health department. 



New Well and/or Septic

Apply for one or both of these permits if you intend to install a well and/or sewage disposal (septic) system, or if you intend to repair or replace an existing septic system.

Click hereto download the EH application.     

Permit Instructions Here.

Building Permit Authorization

Apply for this evaluation if you intend to remodel or otherwise change the water and septic requirements of your existing home or property. This is in relation to obtaining a building permit. Use this form only if there is an existing system on the property and the demands on that system will be changing. 

Click here to download the application. 

Mortgage Evaluation

Apply for this evaluation if you are the buyer (or the buyer's lending institution) and you need to determine the adequacy of the water supply and sewage disposal system of a house for sale. The evaluation includes the determination of operation, capacity and size of the sewage disposal system and if the system reasonably meets sanitary code requirements. Water samples are collected for coliform bacteria and partial chemical analysis to determine well water quality. The well construction and isolation are reviewed and compliance and/or non-compliance with well construction rules is determined. Water well records are reviewed if available.

NOTE: The POS Application to be used in Kalkaska and Manistee Counties.

Click here to download the Mortgage Evaluation Application.     

Click here to download the Mortgage Evaluation / Point-of-Sale Application.  

Land Evaluation

Apply for this evaluation if you need to determine the suitability of vacant property for sewage disposal. This application is normally used for property buy/sell situations. Application for permits to install water well and septic system may be submitted by the new property owner following the closing of the sale of the property.

Click here to download the EH application.        Permit Instructions Here.

Type II Water

Apply for this permit if you intend to install a Noncommunity Water Supply (otherwise known as a "Type II"), consisting of a water system that provides water for drinking or household purposes to 25 or more persons at least 60 days per year or has 15 or more service connections. A few examples are schools, restaurants, churches, campgrounds, industries and highway rest stops with their own water supply.

Click here for the application.