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Alcohol Server Training (TIPs)


Alcohol Server Management Training (TIPS Training)

Immediate Benefits

Training for Intervention Procedures (TiPS)

Using TIPS brings immediate payback through lowered risk and a safer, more responsible work environment.  With TIPS, you can gain valuable competitive advantages like:

¨ Improved Customer Service

¨ Safer Communities

¨ Lowered Insurance Premiums

¨ Reduced Exposure to Alcohol Liability              


¨ Decreased Penalties for Alcohol Violations


 What is TIPS Training?

The focus of TIPS Training is responsible consumption, whether it’s at a bar, restaurant, ballpark concession, hotel or university. Participants leave TIPS training prepared to: 

¨ Recognize signs of intoxication

¨ Spot underage drinkers and prevent sales to minors

¨ Intervene quickly and assuredly in potential problem situations

¨ Understand the difference between people enjoying themselves  and those getting into trouble with alcohol

¨ Handle alcohol-related situations with greater confidence


For Any Size Business or Organization

TIPS training is appropriate for anyone who sells, serves, or consumes alcohol. To ensure that training is relevant; programs are tailored for the following environments:


¨ Hotels

¨ Restaurants

¨ Bars



¨ Grocery

¨ Convenience

¨ Package Stores



¨ Festivals

Call Today to Register


Please contact us to register for the next TIPS Couse or with any questions!

Katie & Jen, TIPS Trainers

(231) 316-8554

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 Offered in three counties (Lake, Mason, and Oceana)!

TIPS Training includes  a certificate good for 3 years!

Lake County, 5681 S M-37, Baldwin, MI

Oceana County, 3986 N Oceana Dr, Hart, MI

Mason County, 916 Diana Street, Ludington, MI