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Health Care Reform

Resources on Health Care Reform and Affordable Care Act

Resources for Everyone  | Resources for Employers | Paper Applications 


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For information on the Michigan Medicaid Expansion, please click here!
 NEW! Resource from MSU-Extension - Learn how to make the smart choice!
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Resources for Everyone

Healthcare Insurance Marketplace - Find a plan that works for you and your family. We recommended that you fill out the application online using this website versus using the paper applications as listed below, because it provides real-time feedback on costs, plan options, and more.

Get Health Care Premium Estimates - Find healthcare plan costs that work for you and your family.

Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Healthcare Reform Information from the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

MI Consumers for Healthcare - A resource that is devoted to a diverse alliance of consumers, partners and policymakers to help with the healthcare changes in Michigan through education, outreach, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. 

Enroll Michigan - Website resources dedicated to help Michigan with resources on the new health care law changes. 

Region Map of Navigator Near You - Find someone who can help in filling out the application online or with the paper applications.    

How the Michigan's Health Care Insurance Will Work - An article online explaining some of the changes with the health care law. 


How the Marketplace Works Flyer  - English Version or Spanish Version

Things to Know When Choosing a Plan - English Version or Spanish Version

Marketplace Application Checklist - English Version or Spanish Version


Resources for Employers   

The Shop Marketplace is open for Business! CLICK HERE for more information. 


Paper Applications 

 Single or Individuals:

         Individual Application

          Instructions for Individual Application


         Family Application

          Instructions for Family Application

No Financial Assistance:

          No Financial Assistance Application

          Instructions for No Financial Assistance Application