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Health Plans/TENCON

Tencon Health Plan is a community sponsored, non-profit corporation that helps uninsured adults living in our ten county service area, receive medically necessary health care services. Learn more by clicking on the tabs listed above.

 Tencon Health Plan A will have open enrollment April 1, 2013 through April 30, 2013. Please visit your local Department of Human Services Office to apply or apply online by visitingwww.mibridges.michigan.gov/access/For more information, please click here.

 NOTE: Until further notice the Tencon Health Plan has suspended new enrollments at this time. Please check back later or for questions please call Kevin Hughes at (231) 775-9942 ext. 3839. Thank you! 

For information on Prescription Plan Coverage, please click here.

Updated October 2012 
** NOTE: The Plan RX Program is part of the TENCON Health Plan and is not available at this time for new enrollment.   Please check back later or for questions please call Kevin Hughes at (231) 775-9942  ext. 3839However, the Prescription Discount Program (PDP) is available