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MCIR: Immunization Reporting & Tracking

      The MCIR, or Michigan Care Improvement Registry, is a nationally-recognized electronic statewide immunization registry that is accessible to both private and public providers. MCIR was created in 1998 as an electronic childhood immunization registry to collect reliable immunization information and make it accessible to authorized users online. In 2006, MCIR was expanded to include adults, and was renamed the Michigan Care Improvement Registry.

    Immunization Reporting Rules

       MCIR law requires that providers report childhood immunizations to MCIR within 72 hours of administration. Since the expansion of MCIR to include adults, providers are highly encouraged to also report adult immunizations to the system.

    Immunization Reporting is Exempt from HIPAA

       Reporting of immunizations to local and state health departments is exempt from HIPAA rules, as discussed under the topic Communicable Disease Reporting. For more information see

               DHHS HIPAA Information or CDC HIPAA Information

    Benefits of MCIR

      MCIR benefits health care organizations, schools, licensed childcare programs, and Michigan's citizens by consolidating immunization information from multiple providers. This reduces vaccine-preventable diseases, over-vaccination, and allows providers to see up-to-date patient immunization history. MCIR ensures consistent accessibility to a person's immunization record regardless of the person's location in Michigan. MCIR also has the ability to assist with pandemic flu preparedness and can be used to track vaccines and medications during a public health emergency.

    Why Providers Should Enroll in MCIR

     MCIR provides many direct benefits to busy health care provider offices. These include:

  •          Secure access to the system via the web
  •          Immediate access to patient immunization history and what's due
  •          Recommendations for future dose dates
  •          Reminder and recall notices for due or overdue immunizations
  •          Quick and easy-to-print official immunization records for childcare and school requirements

      MCIR helps general management of health care provider practices by:

  •      Simplifying the ever-changing and complex immunization requirements and schedules involving different vaccine manufacturers and combination vaccines
  •      Providing inventory and management of vaccine supplies
  •      Accepting electronic immunization data entry
  •     Generating profile reports to determine the need to increase immunization levels

    How to Enroll in MCIR

      To enroll your practice in MCIR, call 1-888-217-3904. Your regional MCIR office staff are located within DHD#10. Training and secure sign-on will be provided to your designated staff. Ongoing technical support is also available.

     Additional MCIR Resources