May 2020 - District Health Department 10
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Monthly Archives: May 2020

In The News

Mental Health Awareness Month

This May is Mental Health Month. Mental health is an integral component to overall health and well-being. Everyone faces challenges in life that can have an impact on their mental health. In fact, 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. The good news is mental illnesses are common and treatable… Read More

National Nurses Month 2020

Join District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) in celebrating National Nurses Month!  National Nurses Month is a means to support and recognize nurses who work with courage and compassion under extremely challenging circumstances. The theme for this year is Nurses Make a Difference and will be celebrated the entire month… Read More

Hand Hygiene: Clean Hands Count

Practicing hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent infections. Cleaning your hands is the single most important way to protect yourself and your family from getting sick and spreading illness to others. It can prevent the spread pf germs, including those that are resistant to antibiotics are are becoming difficult, if not impossible,… Read More