COVID-19 County Profiles

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As COVID-19 continues to spread across our 10-county jurisdiction, we receive many questions about the characteristics of the cases in each county. While our Data Dashboard provides a great deal of information, there are still details the public wants about the cases in their counties. DHD#10 is now providing monthly COVID-19 County Profiles to give you insight into how COVID-19 is impacting each of our counties. Below you will find a jurisdiction-wide profile and then profiles for each county individually. The information profiles a month at a time, beginning with July 2020.  For further questions, please call us at 231-305-8675 or email at


PLEASE NOTE: Symptoms and symptom status data collection will continue to be limited due to the new prioritization groups for case investigation.

Jurisdiction-Wide Profile

Crawford County Profile

Kalkaska County Profile

Lake County Profile

Jurisdiction Profile May 2021
Crawford Profile May 2021
Kalkaska Profile May 2021
Lake Profile May 2021

Manistee County Profile

Mason County Profile

Mecosta County Profile

Missaukee County Profile

Manistee Profile May 2021
Mason Profile May 2021
Mecosta Profile May 2021
MIssaukee Profile May 2021

Newaygo County Profile

Oceana County Profile

Wexford County Profile

Newaygo Profile May 2021
Oceana County May Profile
Wexford Profile May 2021