Data Dashboard Notes

  • PLEASE NOTE: When updating the data dashboard, there is a slight delay for all the numbers to update. If the numbers look the same as yesterday, check back again – it could take a half hour or more from publishing the new data for it to show up. You can still see numbers on our home page
  • Mobile-Friendly View: We are working on displaying the data dashboard in a mobile-friendly way. Until then, try turning your phone sideways to landscape mode to view the dashboard. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Note on Confirmed cases: Confirmed cases only include people who test positive for COVID-19. UPDATED DAILY
  • Note on Probable cases: Probable cases are identified as close contacts of confirmed cases who develop symptoms; they may become confirmed cases if they test positive. They could also be identified as individuals who had all the symptoms of COVID-19 but were not tested. UPDATED DAILY
  • Note on Contact Tracing: Contact tracing represents the number of individuals DHD#10 identify as close contacts to positive COVID-19 cases who are being monitored but are not showing symptoms. Numbers shown include the total of those actively being monitored in each county, those that have completed the monitoring process, and a cumulative total in each county. UPDATED WEEKLY
  • Note on Recoveries: Recovered is defined as the number of persons with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis who are alive 30 days after date of confirmation. The number of persons recovered on April 20, 2020 represents COVID-19 positive individuals with a confirmed date on or prior to March 20, 2020. UPDATED DAILY
  • Note on Zip Codes (Page 2 of Dashboard): Zip codes with 1 to less than 5 cases are noted by “<5″ to protect potentially identifiable information. Please note that some zip codes cross over counties, so you may see a zip code that typically falls in one county but is listed in another as well. For example 49660 is a Manistee County zip code, but is also listed in Mason County because some residents there live on the border of both counties. We also have some zip codes that are listed in one of our counties that are typically in Kent County. UPDATED DAILY
  • Note on Case Counts: Use caution when interpreting case count information. The true number of COVID-19 cases is likely higher than we know. DHD#10 numbers may not match state numbers exactly due to timing of updates and location where a confirmed case resides. For example, if a confirmed case resides in another state but traveled to one of our counties, became sick, was tested here, and recuperated at a residence in one of our counties, the state would count that individual in the “Other States” column but DHD#10 would put the count in the county where the individual was tested and is recuperating. Given the national shortage of testing supplies, tests are only given to people who meet priority criteria where there are testing supplies available.
    • Some people who have COVID-19 will be asymptomatic (not show symptoms) and therefore may not be tested.
    • Laboratories may be backlogged with tests, so results can take days. In some cases, sick individuals may recover before their case is added to local, state, and national counts.
  • Note on Hospitalizations (Page 4 of Dashboard): Hospitalization data collection began on 6/3/2020. Of the 8 hospitals in our jurisdiction, the 5 shown on page 4 of the dashboard are those that are keeping positive COVID-19 cases as inpatients. The numbers displayed are positive inpatient cases only. UPDATED Monday-Friday

Source: Michigan Disease Surveillance System and Vital Records