Sexual Health

Birth Control

DHD#10 strives to empower people of all ages and genders to take control of their sexual health. A wide range of birth control methods are available to our clients:

Oral Pills
Nuva Ring
Depo Shot
Nexplanon (arm implant)
Condoms – male and female (Order FREE condoms here and we’ll mail them to you)
Emergency Contraception

DHD#10 also provides counseling on fertility awareness, referrals for sterilization, STI testing and treatment, and exams, including Pap and HPV testing.

Services are confidential, LGBTQ friendly, and no one will ever be denied service due to inability to pay.

DHD#10 can bill most insurances. If insurance cannot be billed or a person is uninsured, services will be charged on a sliding scale.

Call 888-217-3904 and selection option #2 to make an appointment at your local DHD#10 office.


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STI & HIV Testing

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) mean the same thing and that is a disease that is spread through sexual activity (remember that includes all types of sex vaginal, anal, and oral). Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for getting and spreading an STI.

At DHD#10 you can get confidential STI testing. STI testing at DHD#10 is available to teens at low or no-cost; cost is based on your income. DHD#10 can bill your insurance to cover the cost of service as well. Services at DHD#10 are LGBTQ friendly.

People with multiple sexual partners, those who think they may have been exposed, those who’ve had unprotected sex with a partner whose health status was unknown, or anyone who has symptoms of an STI should definitely get tested. If you think you have an STI, first off, don’t panic. You should make an appointment to get test right away and hold off on sexual activity until you get tested. To make an appointment call 888-217-3904, option #2.

Upon result of your test, a nurse can discuss safe sex, treatment options, birth control, how to talk to your partner, and more. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Sexual Health Exams

DHD#10 offers annual exam for both men and women. Most women require an annual exam but do not need a pap smear every year. At your annual exam consider getting tested for STIs, discuss birth control options, family planning, discuss any concerns about your sexual health. Clinicians are able to renew prescriptions at your annual visit.

Pregnancy Testing

At DHD#10 women will receive a urine pregnancy test. Testing is confidential and no one will be denied service based on inability to pay. Upon result of test a nurse can provide proof of pregnancy, connect you to support resources, proper prenatal care, and or discuss birth control options. Call 888-217-3904, option #2 to make an appointment today at your local DHD#10 office.

In addition to testing, DHD#10 can assist with planning a family. Family planning services help individuals plan for their chosen family size/timing and to prevent undesired pregnancies. A nurse at your local DHD#1o office can help you make a reproductive life plan.


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