Substance Use Prevention – Parents/Grandparents/Adults


If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, help is available!  You have options, including counselors, doctors, and in-patient treatment centers.  Reaching out for help is the most important first step.

Signs of a Substance Use Problem or Addiction

  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene or appearance
  • Frequent, unexplained bruises or other injuries
  • Skipping class or declining grades
  • Sudden change in relationships and friends
  • Missing money / stealing
  • Sudden mood changes – irritability or outbursts
  • Appearing withdrawn, anxious or paranoid


Facts and Stats


  • Know the facts
    • Tips for when your teen hosts a party
    • Tips for when your teen attends a part
  • Legal, health, and safety issues
  • Party tips
    • What to do if there’s been a party in your home
    • What to do if you’re going to be out of town
    • What to do if your teen is going to a party
  • Texting tips – tips for texting your teen during parties
    • Before and during the event
    • Early evening
    • Late evening
parents who host


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Other Quick Links

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Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Abuse


▪Marijuana Fact Sheet
▪Marijuana Information
▪Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth and Young Adults
▪The Negative Health Effects of Marijuana Use 

Marijuana Concentrates

▪What You Should Know About Marijuana Concentrates/Honey Butane Oil
▪The Facts About Marijuana Concentrates

Publications (Marijuana)

▪April 14, 2017 Regularly Using Marijuana as a Teen Slows Brain Development
▪April 26, 2017 Teens Tend to Think Marijuana Use is No Big Deal, But They’re Wrong

Synthetic Drugs/Emerging Drugs

▪About Synthetic Drugs
▪DEA Consumer Alert
▪K2/Synthetic Marijuana K2/Spice Fact Sheet
▪Bath Salts Fact Sheet
▪Flakka Fact Sheet
▪Pink/U-47700 Fact Sheet
▪Carfentanil Fact Sheet
▪Gray Death Fact Sheet


▪Heroin Fact Sheet


▪Cocaine Fact Sheet


▪Inhalant Fact Sheet


▪Methamphetamine Fact Sheet


▪Ecstasy/MDMA Fact Sheet


▪Amphetamines Fact Sheet

Take Back Your Meds

Disposing of your medicines at a local pharmacy or law enforcement office can help prevent prescription drug abuse. By properly disposing unused, unwanted, or expired medications you can ensure medicines will not be stolen from the garbage, will not enter our environment, and prevent abuse and overdoses at home.

Prescription Drug Disposal Locations

Prime for Life

Prime for Life is a highly effective program designed to help youth and young adults reduce high risk choices in regards to drugs and alcohol. This program addresses participants current beliefs, attitudes, perceptions of risk, and motivators. This program is available at no cost to Mason and Oceana County residents ages 12-25.

Program Participants:

  • Age 12-25
  • Suspected of using drugs or alcohol
  • Making high risk choices that could lead to drug use
  • First time DUI or MIP charge
  • Experiencing other legal issues related to drug use

For more information, contact the following DHD#10 Health Educators:

  • Mason – Katie Miller (231) 316-8567
  • Oceana – Kortni Garcia (231) 902-8539

Mobilizing Michigan:  Protecting Our Kids from Marijuana

Mobilizing Michigan: Protecting Our Kids From Marijuana: Logo

Mobilizing Michigan is a research-based campaign to educate all sectors of the community about the dangers of youth marijuana use.

There’s much talk about medical marijuana and legalization of marijuana for “recreational” use, however, there seems to be very little focus on the many negative consequences of youth use.

Let’s start the conversation in our communities.

To learn more about Mobilizing Michigan: Protecting Our Kids From Marijuana or to schedule an educational presentation in Wexford or Missaukee Counties, contact Angie Gullekson at 231-876-3813 or

School Personnel

Below is an infographic that you may find informative and useful.
 Marijuana Use Affects School Performance - Inforgraphic


Below are some resources to help you learn more about youth and marijuana.

Let’s Look at the Research
Parents – Talk to Your Children About Marijuana
The Truth About Marijuana and School Achievement
Clearing the Smoke About Marijuana