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Diabetes – Everyday Reality

Diabetes – Everyday Reality

Title: Everyday Reality; Image shows woman named Tracey with text saying, "When you have diabetes, you become as relentless as the disease you're fighting"; Logo: American Diabetes Association

What does it truly mean to live with diabetes.  For some, it is an everyday reality.  Tracey Brown, American Diabetes Association’s CEO, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes 14 years ago, and then later with type 2 diabetes. While the everyday of diabetes can seem overwhelming, there are things everyone can do to improve the lives for people with diabetes and those at risk. Everyone can visit and encourage people to know their risk by taking the ADA’s Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test, become an advocate, magnifying the voices of all those living with diabetes and support the organization’s mission by donating today.

Join the conversation, share and engage with stories on social media as the ADA highlights the personal accounts and #EverydayReality of those living with this chronic disease.

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