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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

This May is Mental Health Month. Mental health is an integral component to overall health and well-being.

Everyone faces challenges in life that can have an impact on their mental health. In fact, 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.

The good news is mental illnesses are common and treatable and there are practical tools that can be used to improve mental health and increase resiliency.

When it comes to feelings, it can be easy to get caught up in emotions as they’re felt. Most people don’t think about the emotions they are dealing with but rather bury them until they explode. It is important to take the time to recognize personal feelings and emotions as doing so will better help with coping in challenging situations.

Life also throws curveballs – and unfortunately at some point, loss will be experienced.  It may come by means of an end to a relationship, losing a job, the death of a loved one, or even a worldwide pandemic. I’s natural to go through a grieving process but intentionally seek out ways to remember the good and find the positives of life even while facing adversity or loss.

As important as it is to acknowledge our own mental health, it is equally as important to reach out and be supportive of friends, family, and co-workers who may be struggling with life’s challenges or their mental health.

Living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating mental health tools to thrive may not be easy but can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes.

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