National Nurses Month 2020 - District Health Department 10
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National Nurses Month 2020

National Nurses Month 2020

Join District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) in celebrating National Nurses Month!  National Nurses Month is a means to support and recognize nurses who work with courage and compassion under extremely challenging circumstances. The theme for this year is Nurses Make a Difference and will be celebrated the entire month of May.

May 1-9 – Self Care: A week to focus on emotional, mental and physical well-being by challenging oneself to engage in healthier activities.

May 10-16 – Recognition: A week to raise visibility of the critical work nurses do and foster greater understanding of the diversity within the nursing profession by honoring nurses.

May 17-23 – Professional Development: Nurses’ stories are educational, inspiring and healing. Inspire a future nurse by tell your story or support a nurse by listening.

May 24-31 – Community Engagement: Help promote nurses’ contributions by engaging virtually within the community, educate the public on what nurses do and encouraging support of current and future nurses.

Whether it is a national health emergency or routine daily care, nurses’ vital knowledge, skills and training impact the health and well-being of our communities.

DHD#10 would like to recognize our extremely talented team of nurses who spend numerous hours serving the public in their communities:

  • Amanda Baas
  • Ashlie Baker
  • Anna Bateson
  • Lindsey Berra
  • Nina Bolles
  • Lisa Briggs
  • Julie Burger
  • Doreen Byrne
  • Gretchen Cooper
  • Suzanne Cressell
  • George Davis-Williams
  • Tawnya Ebels
  • Megan England
  • Rebecca Fink
  • Maureen Goulet
  • Cynthia Hagan
  • Lisa Harding
  • Coreen Hauswirth
  • Rebekah Hodson
  • Cynthia Hutchins
  • Claire Jansen
  • Christine Jarmin
  • Kay Jones
  • Kassandra Kassuba
  • Carol Lambert
  • Darcy Lokers
  • Valerie Marshall
  • Annette Marvin
  • Bonnie Mellema
  • Rachel Menzock
  • Jessica Miller
  • Lisa Morrill
  • Sheila Parker
  • Rachel Rumsey
  • Roberta Schutte
  • Renee Solberg
  • Sarah Stickney
  • Lisa Vandertol
  • Mandy Vogler
  • Robin Walicki
  • Paula Washington
  • Margaret Wojey
  • Anne Young

Thank you for all of the work you do for DHD#10. We truly appreciate you!