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Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness

As national healthcare costs increase, many employers are looking to reduce healthcare costs and increase their bottom-line. In many instances, Worksite Wellness healthcare costs are linked to chronic disease and obesity related diseases. Nationwide, obesity related healthcare claims account for $147 billion (and rising) dollars of our healthcare costs. This amount does not include the amount of dollars lost in employee productivity due to obesity related diseases. Employers benefit from worksite health promotion by having reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, increased employee morale and decreased health care costs as a result of their wellness programming.

District Health Department #10 offers work site health promotion programming from employee wellness screenings to initiatives to create healthy work sites through policy development and environmental changes that impact the entire workforce. Research has shown that targeting environmental policy development is more effective in creating a healthy workforce and community.

Components of District Health Department #10 Work Site Health Promotion program include:

  • Consulting Services to provide “Employee Wellness Programs” tailored to the individual work site, (i.e., facilitation of employee wellness committees, health screenings, health education, risk reduction interventions, employee challenges, newsletters, or strategic planning for long-term health care cost reduction.)
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training – OSHA Compliance
  • Employee HealthRisk Assessment and Screening
  • Health Education Speakers’ Bureaus – Various Health Topics
  • Influenza (Flu) Vaccination Clinic Service

For a free consultation on available services or to learn more about creating healthy policies and work site environments contact the Health Education Supervisor at (231) 876-3841. Some programming is fee based, please call for current pricing.