Annual Reports

An annual report is a comprehensive report of activities and accomplishments throughout the preceding year. District Health Department #10 produces an annual report each year to share with our communities and other interested people our progress and financial performance.

Click on each cover below to view that year’s Annual Report.

Fiscal Year 2023

2023 Annual Report with Data

2023 Annual Communicable Disease Summary

Fiscal Year 2022

2022 Annual Report with Data

Flipbook available here!

2022 Annual Communicable Disease Summary
Flipbook available here!

Fiscal Year 2021

2021 Annual Report with Data

Fiscal Year 2020

2020 Annual Report with Data

DHD#10 2020 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2019

2019 Annual Report                               2019 Data Supplement

Cover of Annual Report         Cover of Data Supplement

Fiscal Year 2018

2018 Annual Report                                2018 Data Supplement

Cover image of DHD#10 Annual Report           Cover image of DHD#10 2018 Data Supplement

Fiscal Year 2017

2017 Annual Report                              2017 Data Supplement

DHD#10 2017 Annual Report Cover       DHD#10 2017 Data Supplement Cover

Fiscal Year 2016

DHD#10 2016 Annual Report Cover         DHD#10 2016 Data Supplement Cover

Fiscal Year 2015

DHD#10 2015 Annual Report Cover                  DHD#10 2015 Data Supplement Cover

Fiscal Year 2014

DHD#10 2014 Annual Report Cover

Fiscal Year 2013

DHD#10 2013 Annual Report Cover           DHD#10 2013 Data Supplement Cover

Fiscal Year 2012

DHD#10 2012 Annual Report Cover