Community Health Needs Assessment

2022 Chartbook Health Profiles
MiTHRIVE – Northern Michigan CHIR

In an effort to better learn about and understand the health status of its communities, District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) completes a Community Health Assessment (CHA) process.

CHA is a collaborative process of collecting, reviewing, and analyzing health related data. The data obtained identify current, emerging, or future issues that may have a negative impact on the community. The results are used to educate and mobilize local communities, identify areas of focus, as well as identify available local resources for target issues. By looking at data specific to the communities we serve, DHD#10 and its partners can create a plan of action that best suits the needs of our communities.

The CHA can also be used as an evaluation tool to measure change from previous interventions and/or actions. Data gathered in the CHA process will form the foundation for the development of a DHD#10 Community Health Improvement Plan and provides direction for DHD#10’s Strategic Plan.

Community Health Assessment

2021 Community Health Assessment Report
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2019 Update – MiThrive Community Health Assessment (NMCHIR)
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2016 Community Health Needs Assessment Report
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Addendum I – 2017 Maternal Smoking Survey Results