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District Health Department #10 keeps communities up-to-date by publishing new releases. DHD#10 shares information about health observances, hot public health topics, community achievements, and more! Check back regularly to read the latest news.


October 2021

October 18- MiThrive launches 2021 Community Survey

October 18- UPDATED: Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Mason County

October 18- Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Lake County

October 14- DHD#10 Celebrates Health Educators During National Health Education Week 2021

October 13- UPDATED: Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Manistee County

October 13 – Our Future is at Hand: Global Handwashing Day 2021

October 12 – Guidelines For When to Keep Your Kids Home From School or Childcare

October 12- UPDATED: Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Oceana County

October 11 – Lake City Wellness Center Hosting Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

October 11 – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 11 – UPDATED: Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinic in Missaukee County

October 8 – Brush, floss, rinse and repeat! Dental Hygiene Month 2021

October 1 – Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Missaukee County

October 1- Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Newaygo County

September 2021

September 29- Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Oceana County

September 29- DHD#10 encourages community members to quit tobacco on World Heart Day

September 27 – Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Dose Now Approved For Some; Moderna & J&J Not Currently Approved

September 27 – Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Manistee County

September 27 – Time for Flu Shots, DHD#10 Offering Flu Clinics in Mason County

September 22 – Do your part to protect millions of hearts

September 21 – DHD#10 Advises on Approval for COVID-19 Boosters and Appropriate Testing Sites

September 17 – DHD#10 and Morely Stanwood Community Schools Hosting COVID-19 Testing/Vaccination Clinic

September 13- September is National Recovery Month

September 9 – Oceana LEADS hosts ‘Ride For Recovery’ event  

September 7 – DHD#10 reminds residents Marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding not recommended

September 3 – DHD#10 Provides Statement on Mask Mandates in K-12 Schools Within Jurisdiction

September 2 – DHD@10 Experiencing Website Issues

September 1 – National Preparedness Month 2021

August 2021

August 26- DHD#10 reports significant increase in COVID-19 cases

August 26- DHD#10 WIC Program Receives Gold Level Breastfeeding Award of Excellence from the USDA

August 24- Algae Bloom Detected on Hardy Dam Pond in Newaygo County

August 23- FDA announces approval of first COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 16 years and older

August 18- Prioritizing Women’s Health: Take Advantage of and Receive Free Cancer and Health Screenings

August 17 – DHD#10 Offering Third Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Doses for Some Immunocompromised

August 9- Stay up to date on immunizations during National Immunization Awareness Month

August 4 – National Breastfeeding Month 2021

July 2021

July 28 – CDC Recommending Masking in High-Risk Counties as Delta Variant Cases Increasing

July 28- DHD#10 encourages use of lock boxes for safe marijuana storage

July 26- DHD#10 urges individuals to seek protection against viral hepatitis 

July 20- DHD#10 recognizes July as Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Appreciation Month

July 19 – Delta Variant of COVID-19 Identified in Crawford County

July 15- DHD#10 invites you to take control of your heart health

July 13 – Lake County Prescription Drug and Needle Take Back, and COVID-19 Vaccine Event

July 12 – Increased HIV Diagnoses in Kalkaska County

July 12 – DHD#10 to launch educational campaign on risks associated with youth marijuana use

July 9 – Algae Bloom Detected on Hess Lake in Newaygo County

July 1 – DHD#10 Transitioning COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics into Regular Immunization Clinic Schedules

June 2021

June 28- DHD#10 reminds residents about sun safety during UV Safety Awareness Month

June 25- DHD#10 supports National HIV Testing Day and offers free condoms

June 16 – DHD#10 Reports Findings from COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

June 16- Prioritizing Men’s Health during COVID-19

June 3 – DHD#10 Reaches Milestone of Administering Over 100,000 COVID-19 Vaccines

June 3- DHD#10 Shares Precautions for Tick Season

June 1- DHD#10 Hosting Numerous Off-Site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

June 1- DHD#10 encourages individuals to be wary of Hepatitis A while traveling this summer

May 2021

May 26- World No Tobacco Day- May 31

May 25 – DHD#10 Hosting Numerous Off-Site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

May 13 – DHD#10 Begins Administering Pfizer Vaccine to 12-15 Year Olds

May 11 – MDHHS to Re-Test Wells Near Camp Grayling for PFAS

May 7 – DHD#10 Launches Community Survey on COVID-19 Vaccine

May 4- Prioritizing women’s health during COVID-19

May 3 – DHD#10 Accepting Walk-Ins at First-Dose Clinics on Tuesdays

April 2021

April 28- DHD#10 urges residents to stay up to date on vaccinations during World Immunization Week

April 26 – J&J Vaccine Resumes at DHD#10

April 26 – DHD#10 and Double JJ Resort Hosting COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

April 20 – DHD#10, LRBOI, Munson Host Vaccine Clinic at Little River Casino

April 19 – DHD#10 Deploys New Software for COVID Case Investigation

April 19- Free face masks and face shields available at DHD#10 offices

April 16- DHD#10 provides clarification on COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines

April 13- Use of Johnson and Johnson vaccine paused at DHD#10

April 13- DHD#10 sees COVID-19 cases spike

April 7 – DHD#10 Adds J&J and Second Dose Waitlists; 16+ Can Schedule Online

April 7 – Quarantine Guidance Back to 14 Days

April 5 – National Public Health Week

April 5 – DHD#10 Changing to Weekly COVID-19 Update

March 2021

March 30- Youth marijuana use: What adults need know about impacts of marijuana on teen health

March 26 – COVID-19 B.1.1.7 Variant Confirmed in Four DHD#10 Counties

March 24 – Wexford County Seeing Increase in COVID-19 Cases

March 23 – All DHD#10 Offices Opening 

March 17 – COVID-19 B.1.1.7 Variant Detected in Wexford County Resident

March 12 – DHD#10 Reminds Positive COVID-19 Cases to Isolate and Notify Close Contacts

March 11 – DHD#10 Hosting Mass COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics This Week

March 9- March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

March 4 – Beware of COVID Vaccine Scams

March 4 – DHD#10 Expands COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility 

March 2 – 65+ First Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Scheduled This Friday

March 2 – Food Processing and Farm Workers Added to Phase 1B for COVID-19 Vaccine

March 1 – Personalize Your Plate During National Nutrition Month

February 2021

February 25 – Davis-Williams Wins MPHA Nursing Section Award

February 22 – DHD#10 Gave 5,638 Vaccines Last Week; Running Total 33,265

February 16 – Newaygo County Friday & Saturday Clinics Moved to One Location Saturday

February 15 – DHD#10 Gave 5,522 COVID-19 Vaccines Last Week; Running Total 27,525

February 11- February is Children’s Dental Health Month

February 8 – DHD#10 Gave 8,469 COVID-19 Vaccines Last Week, Running Total 21,993

February 8- Learn Your Heart Age During American Heart Month, Missaukee & Wexford Counties

February 8- Take Care Of Your Heart With Live Well for Your Heart, Mecosta & Lake Counties

February 5- Protect Your Heart This February: Quit Smoking 

February 4 – DHD#10 COVID Vaccine Clinic Still Scheduled Despite Weather

February 1 – DHD#10 Gave 1,574 Vaccines Last Week; Running Total 13,523

January 2021

January 26 – DHD#10 Adds Interest Survey Link to Website for Employers of Essential Workers

January 22 – From State Emergency Operations Center – Indoor Dining Reopens Feb 1

January 21- DHD#10 adds waitlist registration links to website for Phase 1A and 1B 

January 18 – Seniors 65+ Can Now Get on Waiting List for COVID-19 Vaccine

January 16 – DHD#10 Vaccine Supply Limited Week of 1/18/2021; Clinics Full 

January 16 – DHD#10 Vaccinated 3,165 Thursday & Friday, 7,456 for Week

January 14 – DHD#10 Vaccinated 818 Wednesday, 4,291 for Week

January 13 – DHD#10 Vaccinated 1,740 Tuesday; Adds Vaccine Page to Data Dashboard

January 12 – DHD#10 Vaccinates over 1,700 on Monday

January 9 – DHD#10 Vaccinates Close to 1400 on Friday

January 6 – DHD#10 COVID Hotline Temporarily Deactivated

January 6 – DHD#10 Continuing Vaccinating Phase 1A; Planning for Phase 1B

January 5- National Birth Defect Prevention Month