Communicable Disease Reporting

An infectious disease (or commonly called communicable disease) is a disease transmitted by direct contact with an infected individual or their body fluids, or by indirect means such as a contaminated surface or a vector (such as mosquitoes). Common infectious diseases that District Health Department #10 can help you with include lice, chicken pox, influenza, and pink eye.

Under Michigan Public Health Code law all schools, daycare facilities, and camps are required to report any suspected or confirmed serious communicable diseases (including vaccine preventable diseases), unusual occurrences, a suspected outbreak or epidemic among attendees and or employees.

Schools and daycare facilities are required to submit a weekly communicable disease report to their local DHD#10 office for less serious communicably disease. District Health Department #10 staff will review this data weekly in an effort to monitor trends in each community.
If there is suspicion of any serious disease( like vaccine preventable disease) or a possible outbreak of other disease, contact your local DHD#10 office as soon as possible. Do NOT wait to report.

DHD#10 can also assist with education and preventative behavior to limit outbreaks and epidemics. In the event of an outbreak, DHD#10 staff will help each school develop consistent messaging.

In each school, one school personal should be assigned to collect the required communicable disease information daily and submit using the Communicable Disease Reporting website (CDR). A second alternative person should also be trained. Each individual will be given their own username and password for CDR. Required forms are available electronically on the CDR website.

Your local DHD#10 office can help you set up an account with the following website in order to report weekly communicable disease activity:


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