Substance Use Prevention – Teens

Using drugs, alcohol or tobacco can impact your future! What do you want for your future self? Whatever it is you are more likely to get there when you make good decisions now.

Drug use-whether abusing prescriptions medications, using marijuana or drinking alcohol – can make it harder for you to focus on things like your grades, sports or your friendships. Think about what you want to do as a young adult and work on making decisions that will get you there!

There are many things you can do and say when pressured to experiment with drugs and alcohol.
Here are a few:

  1. Give a reason Ex: “I don’t want to get kicked off the soccer team”.
  2. Say no and mean it. When you don’t back down people will learn that they aren’t going to change your mind about using drugs.
  3. Spend time with friends that feel like you do and aren’t into getting drunk or high.

Asking for help may save a life! If you think a friend (or yourself) is abusing drugs, find a trusted adult and ask for help.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

For residents seeking Substance Abuse Treatment Services, contact Northern Michigan Regional Entity (NMRE) at 1-800-834-3393.

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  • 24-Hour Help Line
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