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Michigan is in a Hepatitis A Outbreak

Protect yourself and help prevent the spread of Hepatitis A

Find out if you are at risk for getting Hepatitis A and what you can do to help prevent the spread.


District Health Department #10 is the largest geographic health department in Michigan, serving ten counties including Crawford, Kalkaska, Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Missaukee, Newaygo, Oceana, and Wexford. Established in 1997 after a consolidation of four health departments, our mission is to promote and enhance the health of our communities and environment through protection, prevention, and intervention.

Message from the Health Officer

Kevin Hughes, DHD #10 Health Officer

“Public health as a whole strives to protect and improve the health of families and communities by promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles, conducting research, and through the detection and control of infectious diseases (CDC Foundation.) As your local health department, District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) is dedicated to supporting communities through population-based efforts to achieve better health outcomes and wellbeing for all.

The leadership and staff of DHD#10 remain steadfast in our commitment to our mission and values as well as creating “Healthy People, Healthy Communities.”

Public Health Matters

It’s Summertime… Which Means Local Produce
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HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention
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Bugs, Bats, and Bacteria
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Get Tested. Know Your Status.
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Men’s Health Clinics
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Men’s Health Month Did you know there was a month entirely dedicated to raising awareness for issues impacting the health and wellness of men and boys? June is Men’s Health Month–spread the word and make sure every loved male in your life is living well. District Health Department #10 is here to ensure men have... Read More

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Michigan releases updated fish consumption guidelines relating to PFAS in Kent, Iosco, and Marquette Counties

MDHHS reminds Michigan residents about importance of vaccinations following recent measles cases in the state

Online training series offers Michigan nurses continuing education credits and transition support

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