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March is National
Nutrition Month!

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National Diabetes Prevention

Adolescent Vaccinations Can Prevent
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Early Detection is the Best Protection

Meet Susan Trinklein, a woman who received a free mammogram through DHD#10, “From the minute I started my experience with DHD#10 I couldn’t have met a more wonderful and caring group of women. I got an appointment to have a mammogram and also a breast ultrasound. After several tests, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast… Read More

Favorite Features on DHD#10’s New Website

Did you notice? We sure hope so! DHD#10 has launched a brand new website! After almost a year of hard work, DHD#10 is excited about this fresh new look. This modern website is designed with your needs in mind and aims to provide user-friendly navigation. Let’s face it- your local DHD#10 office has A LOT to… Read More

Birth Control. Pregnancy. STDs. Just Talk About It.

They’re all out from under the covers at is the Northern Michigan Regional Campaign to Improve Reproductive Health in an effort to promote honest, open conversation about sexual health. Before, Michigan did not have an online, all-in-one-place resource devoted to sexual and reproductive health. We’re here now to “talk” to anyone and… Read More