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District Health Department #10 issues permits for private wells and septic systems. DHD#10 will evaluate the site, design the septic system, locate area for well installation, and inspect the final work. Homeowners are allowed to install their own septic system. All others must be licensed by District Health Department #10.

Twenty-four hours prior to cover/back filling a septic system the owner/contractor must contact the local sanitarian to complete a final inspection. If the sanitarian cannot make it to the site within 24 hours then the sanitarian may give the owner/contractor permission to complete a “Contractor Affidavit” and then cover the system.

District Health Department #10 recommends to pump your septic tank every 3 to 4 years.

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Well and Septic Permit Application
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All commercial septic systems less than 1000 gallons a day (gpd) may be reviewed using District Health Department #10 local sanitary code. All commercial septic systems that are greater than 1000 gpd and less than 10,000 gpd are reviewed using Michigan Criteria for Subsurface Sewage Disposal.

Most commercial wells fall under two categories Type II or Type III public water supplies.

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2022 Fee Schedule
Well and Septic Application
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