New Home Purchase

Mortgage Evaluations

Mortgage evaluation are designed to inform new homeowners of the condition of their septic and well systems.

Mortgage evaluations are required in Brooks Township – Newaygo county, Kalkaska and Manistee counties at the time of sale and voluntary in the rest of Newaygo county and the other 7 counties.


Sanitary Code


Mortgage Evaluation – Point of Sale Application
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Point of Sale

Kalkaska and Manistee counties are the only two counties in the district that require a Point of Sale evaluation. According to District Health Department #10’s Sanitary Code chapter 11 section 3.1 no sale of a parcel containing an on-site water supply and/or on-site sewage disposal system may take place until the following conditions are met:

  1. The seller files an evaluation report with DHD#10 that was completed by either DHD#10 or a private inspector that is certified by DHD#10.
  2. DHD#10 determines, based upon such report, that the on-site water supply and on-site sewage disposal system are satisfactory or that any necessary corrections are completed or assured and accepted.

Point-of-Sale Annual Report 2015

Building Permit Authorizations

Building departments may ask for an approval of the septic and well facilities prior to issuing a building permit.  These are referred to as Building Permit Authorizations (BPA) and are basically the same as a mortgage evaluation


Sanitary Code (Chapter 11)


Mortgage Evaluation – Point of Sale Application
Building Permit Authorization Application