Tuberculosis Skin Test

DHD#10 provides TB tests often required for new employment in the health care, education, and childcare fields.

DHD#10 provides Mantoux Tuberculosis Skin Test (TBST) which requires two visits 48-72 hours apart. During the first visit the TBST is planted and during the second test it is read following Center for Disease Control Guidelines. Should the test show any induration the public health nurse will ask questions and determine if it is negative or positive.

Once the TBST is assessed negative clients are issued a card indicating the date it was applied, the date it was read, the amount of induration and that the test was interpreted as negative.

Positive TBSTs are questioned about symptoms and risk factors and assessed for the presents of active TB. A chest X-Ray is ordered at the hospital and the clients insurance pays for it. In the event that a client has no insurance the county communicable disease fund is billed for the cost of the X-Ray and its interpretation. All positive clients are offered prophylactic treatment and actual cases are followed per agency protocol.

Occasionally, there is need for Two Step TBST which is the same procedure as above with the addition of a second TBST done in the opposite arm 1-3 weeks after the first if it was negative and two negative cards are issued.

DHD#10 will bill most insurances. Payment is due at the time of first appointment. Cost with no insurance is $24.00.

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