Food Safety Resource Library

Food Safety Resource Library

MDARD List of Educational Materials

Laws & Regulations
Emergency Action Plans for Retail Food Establishments
Michigan Smoke Free Law
Michigan Food Law of 2000
Michigan Modified Food Code

Employee Health
Food Employee Foodborne Illness Guidelines (English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic)
Handwashing Poster
Handwashing 101 English/Spanish
Norovirus Poster
Norovirus Facts for Foodhandlers
Norovirus Clean-up
MDARD-Conditional Employee and Food Employee Interview (Form 1A)
MDARD-Conditional Employee or Food Employee Reporting Agreement (Form 1B)
MDARD-Conditional Employee or Food Employee Medical Referral (Form 1C)
Employee Health Policy
Employee Health and Personal Hygiene SOP
Employee Health and Hygiene SOP Sample
Employee Health SOP Signoff Sample

Monitoring Charts & Logs
Use the following monitoring charts in your facility to ensure foods are meeting proper temperature.
Daily Food Safety Checklist
Cold Holding Monitoring Chart
Hot Holding Monitoring Chart
MDARD – Series of Monitoring Charts
Rapid Cooling Monitoring Chart
Reheating Monitoring Chart
Cooling Log (Spanish, Mandarin)

Fact Sheets & Posters
Use the following informational fact sheets or posters to assist in monitoring safe food temperatures when processing foods.
Animals in Food Establishments
Big 9 Allergen Poster
CIFOR – Industry Guidelines for Owners, Operators and Managers of Food Establishments
Choking Poster
Cooling Methods Fact Sheet
Consumer Advisory
Critical Control Point: Two-Stage Cooling
Critical Control Point: Reheating for Hot Holding
Date Marking
Food Allergy Awareness Poster
Food Allergen Facts
Latex Glove Allergies & The Food Industry
Minimum Cooking Temperature and Holding Times Chart
Person-in-Charge Daily Checklist
Reheating Foods for Hot Holding
Food Safety Stickers
Time as a Public Health Control (Time/Temperature Rule)