File a Restaurant Complaint

image of restaurant, blurry in background

District Health Department #10 licenses and inspections over 1,000 food service establishments. If you have had a negative experience at a food service facility that you would like to report to us, please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: We do not handle basic customer service complaints such as slow service time, rude waitstaff or lost reservations. Please report these incidents to the restaurant’s management.

Grocery Stores, Party and Convenience Stores Complaints

For complaints regarding a retail grocery store, party or convenience store, processing facility or warehouse, please contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD):

* Phone: 1-800-292-3939

* MDARD Online Complaint Report Form

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, etc. Complaints

For non-illness complaints regarding these types of facilities within the DHD#10 district, please complete and submit the complaint form listed below to any of our DHD#10 offices.

Complaint Form