Plan Review

Image of 4 people at a table inside a restaurant reviewing blue prints.

If you are opening a new food service establishment (new build or conversion) or thinking about remodeling an existing food service establishment, you must go through the DHD10 Plan Review Process. But don’t worry! We’re here to help!

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Plan Review Process Requirements

Listed below are all of the documents that make up the plan review packet. The plan review packet needs to be submitted to the department for review and approval before any construction begins.

DHD10 Welcome Letter
DHD10 Plan Review Checklist
DHD10 Inspector Sign-Off Sheet
Change of Ownership Form
Materials to Submit for Plan Review Processing

Fixed Food Establishment Plan Review Application – Fillable Form   Printable Form
Fixed Food Establishment Plan Review Worksheet – Fillable Form   Printable Form
Fixed Food Establishment Plan Review Manual
Fixed Food Establishment Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual

For Mobile or Special Transitory Food Units, the following documents are required to be completed and submitted to the health department for review and approval, prior to any construction.

STFU/Mobile Plan Review Application
STFU/Mobile Plan Review  and SOP Worksheet
STFU/Mobile Plan Review Manual
Mobile Commissary Verification Form