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Monthly Archives: April 2019

In The News

Food Safety Month

Let’s face it…most of us love to eat, but no one wants to get sick from it.  There is always a risk of getting a foodborne illness whether you’re eating… Read More

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

As national healthcare costs increase, many employers are looking to reduce healthcare costs and increase their bottom-line. In many instances, healthcare costs are linked to chronic disease and obesity related diseases…. Read More

Get Vaccinated. Stop Measles.

Get the facts: Did you know 626 cases of measles have been confirmed in 22 states between January 1 and April 19 in 2019? The states that have reported cases… Read More

Test Your Drinking Water

Did you know, in Michigan, the Safe Drinking Water Act does not regulate private wells that serve less than 25 people? This means that it is up to the private… Read More