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Monthly Archives: April 2024

In The News

World Immunization Week (April, 2024)

World Immunization Week April 24 – 30, 2024  Key Facts  According to the World Health Organization (WHO):  Vaccines serve as a frontline defense against antimicrobial resistance. Making better use of… Read More

Medicaid Awareness Month (April, 2024)

Medicaid Awareness Month – April, 2024  Key Facts  According to Medicaid Awareness Month:  Nationally, 54 percent of American children are covered by Medicaid/CHIP.  Medicaid covers 45 percent of non-elderly adults with disabilities, including adults… Read More

National Public Health Week (April, 2024)

National Public Health Week  April 1-7, 2024  Key Facts   According to the National Public Health Week:  We know that where we live – where we eat, sleep, work, play, learn… Read More