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Monthly Archives: February 2023

In The News

National Nutrition Month (March, 2023)

National Nutrition Month Whether it’s starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast or fueling before an athletic event, the foods you choose can make a real difference. Preparing… Read More

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (March, 2023)

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Key Facts According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance: Screening is the No. 1 way to prevent or detect this disease early, when it’s most treatable. With… Read More

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (March, 2023)

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week | March 20 – 26, 2023 Key Facts According to the CDC: Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among young people in the… Read More

National Cancer Prevention Month (February, 2023)

National Cancer Prevention Month Key Facts According to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR): Research has shown that more than 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed and nearly half of… Read More

American Heart Month (February, 2023)

American Heart Month Key Facts According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, causing one in four… Read More

National Condom Month/Week (February, 2023)

Key Facts According to Planned Parenthood: The two things you should inspect on a condom wrapper before using one: The expiration date Make sure there’s an air bubble so you… Read More

Children’s Dental Month (February, 2023)

Key Facts According to the CDC: Bacteria in the mouth produce acid when a person eats sugary foods. This acid eats away minerals from the tooth’s surface, making the tooth… Read More