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National Women’s Health Week (May, 2024)

National Women’s Health Week – (May 12-18, 2024) Each year, starting on Mother’s Day, National Women’s Health Week begins. This is a time to encourage women and girls to take… Read More

World Immunization Week (April, 2024)

World Immunization Week April 24 – 30, 2024  Key Facts  According to the World Health Organization (WHO):  Vaccines serve as a frontline defense against antimicrobial resistance. Making better use of… Read More

Medicaid Awareness Month (April, 2024)

Medicaid Awareness Month – April, 2024  Key Facts  According to Medicaid Awareness Month:  Nationally, 54 percent of American children are covered by Medicaid/CHIP.  Medicaid covers 45 percent of non-elderly adults with disabilities, including adults… Read More

National Public Health Week (April, 2024)

National Public Health Week  April 1-7, 2024  Key Facts   According to the National Public Health Week:  We know that where we live – where we eat, sleep, work, play, learn… Read More

Problem Gambling Awareness Month (March, 2024)

Problem Gambling Awareness Month (March 2024) Key Facts According to the American Gaming Association, Michigan generated $1.92 billion in online gambling in 2023, and is ranked #1 in the nation…. Read More