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Family Health & Fitness Day (June 10, 2023)

Family Health & Fitness Day (June 10, 2023)

Family Health & Fitness Day – June 10, 2023

Key Facts 

According to the National Recreation and Park Association:

  • Diabetic individuals taking 30-minute walks in a green space experienced lower blood glucose levels than spending the same amount of time doing physical activity in other settings.
  • For individuals with arthritis, walking can help reduce pain, as well as improve mobility and quality of life.
  • Children experience record levels of obesity and preventable diseases like hypertension and Type II Diabetes, caused in part by a decrease in physical activity and an increase in processed food consumption. Using parks programming to help children move more and eat healthily can help children fight these diseases and live longer.
  • Use of green spaces is associated with decreased health complaints, improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduced stress, improved general health perceptions and a greater ability to face problems.

Family Health & Fitness Day, 06/10/2023

Every year, on the second Saturday of June, the NRPA promotes Family Health & Fitness Day. The purpose of this special day is to promote the importance of parks and recreation and their role in keeping our community healthy and active.

Interested in participating? Participate in any of the following activities to help celebrate (bonus points for activities in one of our amazing parks/recreation areas)!

  • Take a walk to visit your local park or trail
  • Cook a healthy meal
  • Enroll in a virtual fitness program
  • Create your own exercise routine
  • Play outside

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NRPA | Family Health & Fitness Day is June 10, 2023