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Kalkaska County Health Department Opens Temporary Offices

Kalkaska County Health Department Opens Temporary Offices

While clean up and restoration continue due to flooding at District Health Department #10 (DHD #10) in Kalkaska, two temporary locations are now open for limited services.

  • WIC part-time services are available at the Church of Christ located at 1725 Kalkaska Road in Kalkaska. Please note this is a part-time clinic and appointments are necessary to ensure service.  Call 231-314-8625 for an appointment as hours may vary.
  • Environmental health, scheduled immunizations, family planning supply pick up and education services are now available at the All Seasons Resort located at 706 S. Cedar Street in Kalkaska. Call 231-258-8669 for information and scheduling.

New and existing patients needing full clinical services for family planning, breast and cervical cancer control, and sexually transmitted diseases can attend clinics at DHD #10’s Wexford and Crawford county offices until full services are restored in Kalkaska. Estimated time frame for re-opening the Kalkaska office is three to four weeks.

If you have a public health need and you live in Kalkaska County, please call 231-258-8669 for assistance.
We thank you for your patience as we work diligently to re-open our Kalkaska office.