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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Did you know, that one in every five children in the United States is living with obesity?

That’s why it is so important for people to learn more about this serious childhood health condition and how to support children on their way to good health.

Childhood obesity is a major public health problem in the United States. Children with obesity are at a higher risk for chronic health conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, bone and joint problems and Type 2 Diabetes. Obesity can also lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol, leading risk factors for heart disease.

Parents and Caregivers can help prevent obesity and support children’s healthy growth by following the recommendations below:

  1. Be aware of children’s growth.
  2. Provide nutritious, low-calorie foods.
    • Serve plenty of fruits and vegetables instead of foods high in sugar and solid fats
  3. Ensure drinking water availability.
    • Water is a great no calorie alternative to sugary drinks
  4. Allow for adequate physical activity time.
    • Children are recommended to receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day
  5. Proper sleep habits are key.
    • Get children to bed at the same time each night, reaching for at least 8 hours of sleep per night
    • Remove electronics from the bedroom and keep the room dark and cool
  6. Be a role model.
    • Model the above recommendation in your own life.

Learn more about childhood obesity and how to prevent it from the CDC on their website.