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National Health Education Week (10/17/2022-10/21/2022)

National Health Education Week (10/17/2022-10/21/2022)

National Health Education Week – October 17-21,2022

Key Facts

According to the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE):

  • Health education improves the health status of individuals, communities, states, and that nation.
  • Health education enhances the quality of life for all people.
  • Health education reduces costly premature deaths and disability.
  • Health education focused on prevention reduces the financial and human cost spent on medical treatment.

Health Education Specialists are assets to their communities as they offer knowledge, skills, and training, as well as spend countless hours educating the public on health issues to promote overall health and wellbeing (e.g. diabetes prevention, tobacco cessation, policies and systems that prevent disease, etc). The health education team at DHD#10 provides direct programming for substance use prevention, chronic disease prevention, and behavioral health as well as support for community coalitions and communication health needs assessment initiatives.

DHD#10 would like to recognize our very own extremely talented team of health educators: Erin Barrett, Caitlin Cameron, Erin Coe, Kylie Davis, Kaitlyn Haner, Qur’an Griffin, Angela Gullekson, Elizabeth Johnson, Holly Joseph, Lacey Morris, Emily Jo Mulder Ruetz, Donna Norkoli, Grace Richardson, Maegan Sorenson, and Deanna Verbanic.

Thank you, for everything you do in your communities, in the name of public health!

Join SOPHE to promote the value and role of health education specialist in improving consumer health and wellness through health education and health promotion. Due to popular demand, NHEW #2022 features five webinars this week. Please register at

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