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National Public Health Week (April 3-9, 2023)

National Public Health Week (April 3-9, 2023)

National Public Health Week April 3 – 9, 2023

Key Facts

According to the National Public Health Week:

  • People with greater feelings of support, connection and inclusion within their networks may live longer, respond better to stress and have stronger immune systems than those who are isolated from their communities.
  • Practicing mindfulness, eating a well-balanced diet, engaging in physical exercise and getting a good night’s rest have been proven to help improve mental health.
  • To move toward health equity, it’s critical we recognize that people with disabilities are facing health disparities. One in three adults with disabilities does not have a primary health care provider, and one in three adults with disabilities has unmet health care needs due to financial cost.

Celebrate National Public Health Week with DHD#10

This year’s National Public Health Week (NPHW) theme is Public Health is Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health. Our cultures have always shaped our health. We learn from the communities we’re born in and that we build together. For this NPHW, we look to community leaders as our health leaders. We celebrate the unique and joyful ways different cultures focus on health. And we look to how we can learn from each other, with humility and openness. DHD#10 staff work every day to ensure that our communities are safe and healthy. From safe drinking water, to immunizations, to healthy babies and breastfeeding, and more. As public health, we are here to help you live your best life.

From April 3rd through the 9th, follow along as we highlight the daily themes of NPHW.

Each day of National Public Health Week celebrates a different area of public health, check it out!

Monday: Community
Tuesday: Violence Prevention
Wednesday: Reproductive and Sexual Health
Thursday: Mental Health
Friday: Rural Health
Saturday: Accessibility
Sunday: Food and Nutrition

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