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National Health Education Week

National Health Education Week

Join District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) and the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) in celebrating National Health Education Week  – October 21-25, 2019!  The purpose of this celebration is to raise awareness on major public health issues and promote a better understanding of the role of health education. The theme for this year is Elevating Health for All, and will be celebrated through the following days:

Monday, October 21 – Championing health for vulnerable populations through advocacy

Tuesday, October 22 – Celebrating SOPHE

Wednesday, October 23 – School Health. Social Emotional learning

Thursday, October 24 – Digital Health: Curbing misinformation by spreading true health education messages

Friday, October 25 – Health Equity. Celebrating 20 years of REACH – Your zip code is a determinant of your health status or the impact of natural disasters on your health

Health education specialists offer knowledge, skills, and training that complement health care providers, policy makers, educational experts, human resource personnel and many other professionals whose work impacts human health. Health literacy is a large determinant of health status and without these components offered by health education specialists, members in each community can be greatly affected.

DHD#10 would like to recognize our extremely talented team of health educators who spend numerous hours in their communities educating the public on health issues:

Angela Gullekson
Caitlin Hills
Christy Rivette
Donna Norkoli
Elizabeth Johnson
Erin Barrett
Holly Joseph
Jen Hansen
Karen Ripke
Katie Haner
Katie Jourdan
Katie Miller
Katy Bies
Kortni Garcia
Lacey Morris
Melanie Perry
Quran Griffin
Sally Mellema
Sarah Oleniczak
Zoey Thayer