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Birth Control. Pregnancy. STDs. Just Talk About It.

Birth Control. Pregnancy. STDs. Just Talk About It.

They’re all out from under the covers at is the Northern Michigan Regional Campaign to Improve Reproductive Health in an effort to promote honest, open conversation about sexual health. Before, Michigan did not have an online, all-in-one-place resource devoted to sexual and reproductive health. We’re here now to “talk” to anyone and everyone looking for helpful info about birth control, pregnancy planning, STDs, sexuality, health center locations, conversation starters, and pretty much anything else you could want to know about sexual health. And we’ll do it in English and Spanish.

In support of this campaign, District Health Department #10 has been working to promote all of the wonderful online tools provides:

  • Our family planning team is teaching clients about the birth control method selector that helps people determine best form of birth control for them and their partners.
  • Public health nurses are uncovering STDs at the website so people can learn all about common (and less common) sexually transmitted disease – and they can even find where to treat them!
  • Our WIC division supports the Are You Ready? Tool in which men and women can think through the physical, emotional and financial aspects of planning for a baby.
  • MIHP staff is sharing materials and condoms on home visits.
  • Community outreach specialists are bringing postcards and stickers to community events and organizations throughout our 10 county jurisdiction.
  • Health education staff members are working to promote with local colleges and bars to start conversations with young adults.

Check out to see it all for yourself or next time you visit your local DHD#10 office, ask team member how can help you!