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What’s important to you?

What’s important to you?

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The MiThrive project is working to improve the health of communities in Northern/Central Michigan through examining data, finding the key issues, and bringing people together for change.

What is MiThrive?

MiThrive is a collaboration of local health departments, hospitals, and community organizations working with local residents to improve health and wellbeing in the 31 counties of northern lower Michigan.

The project revolves around one central question: How do we improve health and quality of life in our communities?

To answer this question, we gather as many diverse partners as we can around a shared vision.

MiThrive Vision: A vibrant, diverse, and caring community in which regional collaboration allows all people the ability to achieve optimum physical, mental, cultural, social, spiritual, and economic health and well-being.

Want to learn more? Contact MiThrive Coordinator Carried Field (