Temporary Licensing

The Temporary Campground License Application is a triplicate form and may not be downloaded or copied. Please contact your local DHD#10 office to get the application or call the DEQ’s Campground Program at 517-284-6520.

The campground program is responsible for the design, approval, and licensing of public campgrounds. Michigan’s Public Health Code, 1978 PA 368, as amended (the Act), and the administrative rules adopted pursuant to the Act establish the requirements for building and operating a campground. A license from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is required to operate a campground in the State of Michigan.

There are over 1200 public campgrounds licensed in the State of Michigan.


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality- Campgrounds
Steps for Obtaining Temporary Campground License


District Health Department #10 is under contract with MDEQ to provide annual inspections of Temporary Campgrounds.

Complaints & Investigations

Distinct Health Department #10 will investigate the public health significance of any complaint related to a campground.


Complaint Form